Let's Plan Together

Updated: Jan 10

Happy New Year,

We had a fantastic 2019. Considering the growth of streaming in Africa, the majority of our clients saw a significant increase in revenue.

As a leader in Africa, we have continued to enable creatives in overcoming our continent's short-comings, while offering the outside world an immaculate experience, and an unmatched revenue stream for our artists.

We have continued to evolve, adapting to the latest in music business technology and employing the services of Africa's sharpests minds.

In our bid to maintain a sizeable catalogue (which allows us better deals and imporoved relationships with digital service providers), we launched AfrobeatsDistro in Novermber 2019 - our online upload and royalty portal. Sign ups from this project now makeup the bulk of our suppliers, and a portion of our catalogue worth mentioning.

Over the past month, I have personally reviewed some of the content uploaded through our platform, many of which sound fantastic, and some by artists with a decent audience.

This year, I will take an aggressive approach towards bringing some of these artists to light. This undoubtably will require a great deal of funds, some of which we may be interested in financing.

I have a few content and marketing ideas that would likely be profitable given the technology available to us today. That said, I would like to speak with you, let's bring your projects to life.

Click HERE to schedule a phone call with me.

I look forward to speaking with you, as I will be making a maximum of 10 phone calls per day to 100 partners respectively between January 14 through January 24.