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Jungle Entertainment Ventures

Acquisitions refers to the process of Signing a New Supplier.

Filling the form sends a 70/30 contract to the potential supplier.

As soon as the supplier has signed the contract, David will be required to sign as well.

As soon as David has counter-signed, a new supplier is created using the details provided in the form.

Whenever a new supplier is created, a welcome email is sent, and tickets assigned to the business team requiring that an agent resolves tasks 2 & 3 as outlined below:


  1. SIGN an Agreement with the New Supplier

  2. CREATE a New Artist in Jungle's Database

  3. CREATE  Supplier's Label Name at State51

  4. CREATE Artist's VEVO Channel

  5. MONETISE Artist's Soundcloud Channel

  6. REQUEST Access to Artist's Apple Connect

  7. COMPLETE Supplier & Artist fields

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Jungle Entertainment Ventures

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