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Africa should consider BioTechnology

If we could summon a child from the year 3016, that child would be superman. Thanks to PGDs, the genetic modification of humans or designer babies as some have tagged the ground-breaking technology, which will allow humans to steer their own evolution.

This technology gives prospective parents the chance to choose their offsprings physical, mental or psychological characteristics such as eye color, height, weight, attention span, vision, endurance or skin tone. It goes as far as eliminating the possibility of undesired diseases in the lifetime of the human being engineered.

My fear is that the more developed nations will definitely have a head start in regards to the technology, therefore making the stronger bloodlines even stronger in the nearest future.

China is currently collecting genes in their millions daily, as part of a sorting process which successfully isolates which gene does what. Embryos, eggs or whatever they call it, can now be edited to include a desired gene. For example, we could ensure that a potential North African baby turns out male with blue eyes and blond hair, we could also go as far ensuring that he remains overweight by weakening the gene responsible for metabolism.

This has directed my business interests towards Biotechnology. I want to invest in a Nigerian endeavor, as in my lifetime, I would like to see Africa taking steps towards this kind of technology. I believe we can create outstanding successors by better education, and also genetic modification. |

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