What’s happening: 

Facebook is testing a new audio library product on Instagram called Reels. Previously in beta test in Brazil, today this product will also launch in Germany and France.

The overview:

Reels allows Instagram users to create 15-second videos using new creative tools. Reels are shared to a new dedicated space on IG Explore and will live in a dedicated ‘Reels’ tab on a user’s profile.Examples of creative tools available in Reels:Audio - Users can select any song from the Instagram audio library or use original audio found on Reels and select the portion of audio they wish to use. Users can also upload 15-second clips of original audio.Speed - Users can speed up or slow down the music selected. They are also able to change the speed of the whole video or for specific clips. Effects - Users can choose from 1000+ AR effects on Instagram to help build their story and change the look and feel of their Reel.Timer - Users are able to record hands-free.Ghost Tool - Users can use the Ghost tool to line up their takes and create seamless transitions.