Dynamic & Personalized SoundCloud ‘Home’ Placement Experience

What’s Happening:

Today, June 8th, SoundCloud launched a new ‘Home’ placement experience.

How ‘Home’ looks to users will be changing in order to increase audience engagement on the platform.

What changes are happening:

  • Dynamic order of sections based on total listener engagement

Previously the order of sections on home was decided by SoundCloud’s editorial staff. This has now been handed over to users. From now on, SoundCloud listeners will ‘vote’ sections to the top of home with their interactions. The most interacted section will rank at the top of home, just under the recently launched ‘artist shortcuts’. Voting is continuous and the order will change once every 24 hours.

  • Personalized layout based on each user’s preferences

Across SoundCloud, listeners vary significantly in their preferences (i.e. one listener’s favourite section may not be very relevant for others). In line with this SoundCloud are ‘learning’ each listeners preferred sections, and adjusting ranking accordingly. As a result, different users will experience a variation in their personalized layout of home. Soundcloud acknowledge that preferences are temporary and will keep adjusting based on individual engagement

Please note that no changes to content itself are made. The placement of playlists inside the curated sections (e.g. ‘Fresh Pressed’ inside ‘New Music Now’ are still controlled by SoundCloud’s editorial team).